Chris Broussard says Nets should demand Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams and 3 1st-round picks for Kevin Durant

Jonathan Sherman
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Ever since superstar Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, fans and experts alike have discussed potential trade options that the Nets may want to explore.

One potential deal that made waves earlier this month included the Boston Celtics. In the proposed trade, the Celtics would send Jaylen Brown to the Nets in exchange for Durant.

Understandably, it was assumed that the Celtics would have to sweeten the deal to get it done. Sports pundit Chris Broussard recently offered his take on what the Celtics should add to entice the Nets.

In his opinion, the deal from the Celtics should include Brown, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams and three first-round picks.

“If they wanna give up Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and if I’m the Nets, I’m demanding Robert Williams III as well and three first-round picks,” said Broussard. “If they wanna give up some type of deal like that, then maybe it happens.”

It’s important to mention that Broussard’s primary point was that he does not see Durant heading anywhere soon. That certainly seems to be the pervasive sentiment throughout the NBA as of late.

The Nets have had some discussions with teams and expressed interest in certain players, but overall, it seems as though they are expecting an unbelievably high return in any potential Durant deal.

Perhaps, the Nets are hoping that Durant can overcome his desire to be traded and eventually rejoin the team happily. It is not unheard of in the NBA for star players to do just that after requesting a trade.

At the moment, it is hard to predict what the future holds for the Nets. It is quite possible that they start out the regular season with Durant still on the roster.

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