Report: People around the NBA are divided on if Ben Simmons is considered a ‘valued’ or ‘distressed’ asset

Jonathan Sherman
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There are definitely a lot of rumors revolving around the Brooklyn Nets at the moment.

Kevin Durant recently requested a trade from the team, and Kyrie Irving could seemingly soon be on the move as well.

One Nets star that has not been in the news much lately is Ben Simmons. Simmons was traded to the Nets last season prior to the trade deadline. He missed the entire 2021-22 campaign for various reasons.

Now, it is reportedly a subject of debate within the NBA whether Simmons is seen as a “valued asset or distressed asset,” according to Brian Windhorst.

“There is a debate in the NBA right now about whether Ben Simmons, with $100 million left on his contract coming off a back surgery, is a valued asset or a distressed asset,” he said.

Simmons has suffered a catastrophic fall from grace in recent years. He entered the league as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft and quickly became a star. His size, speed and ability helped him become a weapon on both sides of the ball.

However, as his career has progressed, he has shown little growth as a player. Ultimately, he had a complete falling out with the Philadelphia 76ers, the team that drafted him, and that slow collapse of the relationship led to his eventual trade.

As for the Nets, it is nearly impossible for the team’s front office to know what Simmons’ true value is. He hasn’t suited up for a single game for his current club. Surely, the fear on the Nets’ end is that they would have to trade Simmons away for pennies on the dollar due to the current uncertainty revolving him.

Similarly, other teams are likely hesitant to make a move because they have no idea what they’ll get out of Simmons.

Either way, it’s a murky situation and one that is certainly not enviable.

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