NBA legend dreams of LeBron and Bronny on Cavs: ‘It’s the farewell tour with him going right into Vegas after that’

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Kevin Garnett has a “monumental” suggestion for how LeBron James should finish his NBA career, and it involves a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and getting to play with his son Bronny.

Acknowledging an idea from Paul Pierce on their podcast, the former rival was excited by the thought.

“You said back to Cleveland, and then Cleveland takes Bronny,” Garnett said.

After mentioning how the elder James could impact the economy of the city and the region should he return to where he began his legendary NBA career, Garnett then mapped out even more future plans for the icon.

“But when Bron James hit Cleveland, we all know the blocks is hot again, you understand?” Garnett said. “The economy goes up a whole three percentage points when bro goes back to the Midwest.

“… If he goes back to Cleveland, it’ll be monumental. And it’s the farewell tour with him going right into Vegas after that. Yeah, that’s exciting.”

The 39-year-old has been mentioned as a possible owner should the NBA add an expansion team in Las Vegas. It also reportedly could be done in collaboration with fellow legend Shaquille O’Neal.

But first, the elder James has to decide where and when he will finish his playing career, which is about to wrap up its 21st NBA season. Though he recently hinted that he does not have much time left as a player, he reportedly may be ready to opt out of his contract and seek a new deal that contains a no-trade clause.

However, that is just one scenario that could play out, as Pierce has suggested that the elder James should consider a trade to Cleveland that would send Cavs star Donovan Mitchell to Los Angeles.

Adding to the mix is the fact that the younger James has declared for the 2024 NBA Draft following one season at the University of Southern California. His father has long said that his dream is to play in the NBA at the same time as his son, either as teammates or even as opponents.

After suffering a cardiac arrest this past summer that contributed to a somewhat disappointing college season, the younger James may not be the first-round prospect he once was considered to be. But that likely won’t stop any NBA team from considering him if adding his father is part of the package.

If the elder James were to return for a third stint with the Cavs — where he began his NBA journey in 2003 as an 18-year-old rookie — it would indeed be monumental and perhaps a fitting conclusion to his stellar career.

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