Channing Frye says dry turkey, putting breast milk in coffee and swimming with sharks are ‘white people s—t’

David Akerman
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Former NBA big man Channing Frye recently reacted in hilarious fashion to a story of Serena Williams using her own breast milk to treat a sunburn.

“There’s a lot of other things you could do for a week to make it work too,” Frye began.

He was shocked when Allie Clifton asked him if he ever put breast milk in his coffee.

“You know what?” Frye said. “That’s white people s—.”

The former NBA champion then went on to list different things he’d qualify as “white people s—.”

“Dry turkey?” he said. “WPS. Going swimming with sharks? WPS. Yeah, drinking breast milk? WPS. Exploring the jungle? WPS. Going to raves? WPS.”

Clifton then mentioned she’d seen him at a rave, to which Frye offered an excuse.

“I didn’t know it was a rave, but I did have a good time,” said Frye. “I unknowingly walked in and was like, ‘Oh, is this the set of ‘Blade II?” I was looking for the exit, make sure there wasn’t a dude there with glasses and a sword.”

Frye’s talk about breast milk might have some fans recalling a certain tweet from New York Knicks wing Josh Hart earlier this year.

His question had people reacting all kinds of ways. Knicks star guard Jalen Brunson, a teammate and close friend of Hart, didn’t hold anything back in his response.

Brunson alluded to Hart tweet’s in a recent social media exchange.

It’ll be interesting to see if Hart ends up chiming in on Frye’s words. The two were teammates for a small amount of time in 2018 on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Frye was acquired by the Lakers in February 2018 from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 2017-18 season was Hart’s first in the league. Frye wound up returning to the Cavs for the following season in what was his last season in the league.

Hart is now with the Knicks and appears to have found himself a long-term home, having agreed to a four-year extension with the team back in August. He is now tied to the franchise through at least the 2026-27 season.

Despite being out of the league for while now, Frye still makes headlines from time to time. It likely won’t be long until he makes another eye-catching statement.

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