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Chicago Bulls

Reggie Miller says he would have told Michael Jordan to go ‘f–k himself’ if he ever recruited him to Chicago

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Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller had a matter-of-fact response to the idea of teaming up with Michael Jordan.

Jordan’s Chicago Bulls had some epic battles with Miller’s Pacers, and it is clear that the two would have remained rivals even if one wanted to team up.

Of course, there is always the fight that Miller and Jordan got into during the 1993 season.

While Jordan won six rings with the Bulls and is widely considered one of, if not the greatest, player of all time, Miller still had a solid career despite having to battle Jordan.

Miller, a Hall of Famer, was a five-time All-Star and averaged 18.2 points per game for his career.

Miller also made 2,560 3-pointers during his career which is currently the third-highest mark in NBA history.

Jordan never did ask Miller to play together, but we can only imagine his response if Miller responded in such a manner.



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