Snoop Dogg on why he turned down Michael Jordan’s $2M offer to DJ for him: ‘I had s–t to do’

Jonathan Sherman
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Michael Jordan is one of the biggest sports names in the entire world, and he typically gets what he wants.

One thing he seemingly did not get was famed rapper Snoop Dogg to DJ for one of his events.

The rapper recently discussed his decision to turn down the offer.

“One of the craziest deals I turned down, it was like $2 million to DJ for — I think it was a Michael Jordan event,” he said. “And I turned it down.”

Snoop Dogg added that he’s never met the former Chicago Bulls superstar but wants to. After being asked why he turned down the offer to DJ for Jordan, he gave an amusing answer.

“Cause I was doing some other s—,” he said. “I had s— to do, and I had way more customers before I get to you.”

Interestingly, Snoop Dogg seems like a huge fan of Jordan. He went on to say that he really wants to meet Jordan “as a fan” and learn some of the “secrets” of his immense success.

These days, Jordan works primarily as a businessman. He’s the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and he has many other business involvements that keep him busy as well.

Hopefully, the two entertainment icons are able to get together and meet sometime soon. Given the connection that hip-hop and basketball have shared for years, it is surprising that the two stars have never crossed paths.

Fans will have to keep watch to see if a rendezvous happens sometime in the near future.

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