Aaron Gordon begs teams to sign Tony Snell, who desperately needs to qualify for premium medical plan

Jason Simpson
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Tony Snell has been in the news lately as he looks to land on an active NBA roster by Friday for the remainder of the 2023-24 season.

As things currently stand, Snell has nine years of NBA service under his belt, and he’s hoping to secure a 10th to count toward the players association’s retiree benefits program. A 10th season of service would make Snell eligible for the union’s premium medical plan, which would cover his entire family. Snell has two children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Many folks are rooting for Snell to get that 10th year of service, including Denver Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon.

Snell spoke about what earning a 10th year of service would mean.

“Of course, I want to come back and play, but I have a bigger purpose now,” Snell told Yahoo! Sports. “It’s not about me anymore. It’s about my boys.”

He continued.

“It’s something I truly need,” Snell said. “Not only for myself, but for my wife and my kids.”

Snell’s last NBA action came in the 2021-22 season. He is currently in his second season with the Maine Celtics of the G League, where he’s making an impact as a veteran leader.

The 32-year-old was a first-round pick back in 2013, starting his career with the Chicago Bulls before bouncing around the league. He earned a reputation as a solid shooter during many of his stops, as he owns a lifetime 3-point shooting percentage of 39.4 in the NBA.

Snell’s most productive basketball days may be behind him, but if an NBA team were to sign him, he’d have a chance to make an impact in the locker room while helping from a depth perspective. In addition, it would make for a wonderful story if he were able to secure a 10th year of service.

The situation will be worth keeping an eye on. There is certainly no shortage of people hoping that a team will give Snell a chance, with NBA legend Charles Barkley also chiming in recently.

Snell has played for six NBA teams, with the New Orleans Pelicans being his last stop. Time will tell if there is another NBA chapter in his future.

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