Floyd Mayweather blasts NBA players: ‘If you’re not hurt, you need to be out there playing’

Jonathan Sherman
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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather recently made some strong comments about players in the NBA who take time off despite being healthy.

“They will play a couple games and take a couple games off,” he said. “That’s not cool. With that type of money, if you’re not hurt, you need to be out there playing ’cause these people pay a lot of money for these NBA players to entertain.”

Based on Mayweather’s words, it seems as though he is primarily discussing a phenomenon that has taken form in recent years in the NBA known as load management.

Kawhi Leonard is one of the biggest NBA faces associated with load management. Leonard has dealt with some injuries throughout his career, so it’s easy to understand why he takes his health seriously.

Other star players have also taken part in load management in recent years. Without a doubt, it’s disappointing for fans to spend hard-earned money in hopes of seeing their favorite players in action only to be let down by the load management phenomenon.

However, Mayweather likely is not all that informed on the benefits of load management and the reasons why so many players believe in it.

The NBA season is an incredibly long one, and players need to make sure that they are not only protecting themselves in the moment but also for the future.

After all, with the 2022 playoffs set to begin in a couple of weeks, players want to make sure that they will be as fresh as possible going into the most important time of the year.

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