Dillon Brooks goes after Draymond Green: ‘If you put him anywhere else, you’re not going to know who Draymond is’

Jason Simpson
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Memphis Grizzlies wing Dillon Brooks is starting to earn a reputation as one of the NBA’s biggest villains, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to change his ways anytime soon.

He recently called out Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green in very plain terms, explaining that he simply doesn’t like the 32-year-old “at all.”

“I don’t like Draymond at all,” he said, according to Tim Keown of ESPN. “I just don’t like Golden State. I don’t like anything to do with them. Draymond talks a lot. Gets away with a lot, too. His game is cool — with Golden State — but if you put him anywhere else, you’re not going to know who Draymond is. He plays with heart, plays hard, knows the ins and outs of their defense. I guess that’s why they like him over there.”

The Grizzlies and Warriors seem to be developing a nasty rivalry. The two teams met in the 2021 play-in tournament, where Memphis ended Golden State’s season in a thrilling overtime game. The Grizzlies and Warriors met again in the 2022 postseason in a heated series that ended in Golden State’s favor.

There have been some other testy moments between the two teams this season, and they’re set to play each other two more times before the regular season comes to an end.

Green may not be universally loved, but Brooks is certainly taking things to another level by calling out the veteran in such direct fashion. Green is typically very outspoken himself, so it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he responded to Brooks’ comments at some point.

A world certainly exists in which the Warriors and Grizzlies meet again in the 2023 playoffs. Another series between the two teams would make for major drama, and there’s no doubt that both sides would be extremely motivated to win.

As things stand now, the Grizzlies own the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference with a 38-23 record. The Warriors, meanwhile, own the No. 5 seed with a 33-30 record.

Fans can hope for a playoff series between the squads, but in the meantime, the rivalry will be renewed on March 9 when Memphis hosts Golden State. Shortly after, the teams will meet again in Memphis on March 18.

Brooks and Green are seen as similar players in the eyes of many, but if there’s one thing they may agree on, it’s probably that they would rather not hear those comparisons.

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