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Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green claps back at haters: ‘Sorry this podcast is probably doing better numbers than yours’

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Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has been receiving a bit of criticism recently for continuing to host his podcast as his team battles for an NBA championship.

Some people have questioned whether or not Green can truly be as locked in on the playoffs as he needs to be if he is spending substantial time on his podcast.

Despite the criticism, Green has continued to record podcast episodes. In fact, he spent some time following his team’s Game 3 loss to the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals to clap back at those who have been critical of him as of late.

Green is never one to not speak his mind, but the criticism that he has been getting lately can’t come as much of a shock to the three-time champ.

After all, Green has looked pretty bad at times during the 2022 playoffs. In fact, his Game 3 performance on Wednesday night may have been his worst playoff performance of the year.

In the loss to the Celtics, Green finished with two points, four rebounds, three assists and two turnovers in about 35 minutes of playing time. Moreover, he only shot 25.0 percent from the field and ultimately fouled out of the game.

Obviously, if he had put in a fantastic performance, fewer people would have anything to say about how he chooses to spend his time postgame.

The fact that he turned in a clunker in his team’s most important game of the season so far likely is the reason for a fair amount of the criticism.


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