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Golden State Warriors

Kendrick Perkins wants ‘smoke’ with Draymond Green, would put his ‘paws’ on him in the ring

Ahn Fire Digital

During his NBA career, big man Kendrick Perkins was known as something of an enforcer who had a surly countenance.

When asked which player he’d like to fight in a celebrity boxing match, he chose a current player who also plays the enforcer role for a team that has won multiple championships.

“He’s not even my former teammate, but he feel like that I talk s—, and I feel like he talk s— is Draymond Green,” said Perkins. “Like if I had to get in the ring and really put these paws on somebody, it would be Draymond Green. But I really think he don’t want that smoke, and history tells me he really don’t want that smoke.”

Green is a truly unique player. For the past several years, he has been regarded as one of the league’s best defensive players, and he’s also a good rebounder, ball-handler and passer.

Of course, the Golden State Warrior also has the tendency to get chippy, a trait that has earned him technical fouls, ejections and even suspensions.

Green continues to be a major cog for a Warriors team that is hoping to once again be an elite team this coming season with the return of star guard Klay Thompson.

Perkins made his name as a starter on the Boston Celtics team that won the NBA title in 2008 and came extremely close to a second championship in 2010.

These days, he is an NBA analyst who keeps it real and doesn’t hold back his feelings about today’s players.


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