Kendrick Perkins wants ‘smoke’ with Draymond Green, would put his ‘paws’ on him in the ring

Robert Marvi
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During his NBA career, big man Kendrick Perkins was known as something of an enforcer who had a surly countenance.

When asked which player he’d like to fight in a celebrity boxing match, he chose a current player who also plays the enforcer role for a team that has won multiple championships.

“He’s not even my former teammate, but he feel like that I talk s—, and I feel like he talk s— is Draymond Green,” said Perkins. “Like if I had to get in the ring and really put these paws on somebody, it would be Draymond Green. But I really think he don’t want that smoke, and history tells me he really don’t want that smoke.”

Green is a truly unique player. For the past several years, he has been regarded as one of the league’s best defensive players, and he’s also a good rebounder, ball-handler and passer.

Of course, the Golden State Warrior also has the tendency to get chippy, a trait that has earned him technical fouls, ejections and even suspensions.

Green continues to be a major cog for a Warriors team that is hoping to once again be an elite team this coming season with the return of star guard Klay Thompson.

Perkins made his name as a starter on the Boston Celtics team that won the NBA title in 2008 and came extremely close to a second championship in 2010.

These days, he is an NBA analyst who keeps it real and doesn’t hold back his feelings about today’s players.

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