Report: Arrest warrant issued for exchange student who allegedly broke into Stephen Curry’s house while kids were home

Jason Simpson
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After being accused of breaking into the home of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry in October, 18-year-old exchange student Sheng Gao was scheduled to appear in misdemeanor court on Thursday for his arraignment, according to a report from CBS News Bay Area.

Gao reportedly failed to appear in court, however, resulting in a warrant being issued for his arrest.

According to prosecutors, Gao bussed from his home in Cupertino, Calif. to Atherton, Calif. on Oct. 15.

Upon locating Curry’s residence after getting guidance from a woman, Gao walked up to the gate and pressed the “call” and “ring” buttons on the intercom. The gate opened.

According to the DA’s office, Gao then walked onto the property and entered the home through an unlocked front door. Curry’s children and their nanny were allegedly home, with the nanny confronting the 18-year-old.

Gao was asked by the nanny what he was doing in the home, to which he explained that he wanted an autograph from Curry.

After being told to leave, Gao did so. The nanny proceeded to call the police, and Gao was later approached by authorities in the town of Atherton.

San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe spoke about Gao.

“He knows that he wasn’t invited in, he said he pressed the buttons on the intercom and the gate opened up,” Wagstaffe said.

Wagstaffe continued.

“He’s just a curious person,” Wagstaffe said.” This just shows, again, Curry’s worldwide fame — he’s got an exchange student walking into his home.”

Wagstaffe specified that it’s unknown whether the main purpose of Gao’s trip was to find Curry’s house or to look for celebrities in general. Atherton is known as one of the wealthiest areas in the U.S.

One has to imagine that the situation caused a bit of a scare for Curry and his family. Although it’s unclear what Curry and his wife were doing at the time of the incident, it happened during the NBA’s preseason, a time in which the four-time NBA champion was gearing up for his 15th year in the league.

Meanwhile, Gao’s situation is clearly unresolved, and more information will likely become available as the story continues to develop.

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