Report: Rivals are ‘already grumbling’ about ‘spending advantage’ Golden State Warriors have

Jonathan Sherman
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The Golden State Warriors are just three wins away from breathing new life into the dynasty that they enjoyed for many years.

After winning three titles in five years, the Warriors had to deal with a number of injuries that kept them out of title contention for two straight seasons.

Now that they are once again within striking distance of the NBA’s crown, it seems some rival teams are already complaining. According to a recent report, rival teams in the NBA are “already grumbling” about one perceived competitive advantage that the Warriors have over some other teams in the league.

“Depending on the team’s appetite for that kind of spending, it could raise uncomfortable questions: Do the Warriors have to choose between [Andrew] Wiggins and [Jordan] Poole?” ESPN’s Zach Lowe wrote. “Or even worse: Does the choice become two among Wiggins, [Draymond] Green, and [Klay] Thompson? The Warriors are paying a league-record $346 million in salary and tax this season, and rivals are already grumbling about Golden State’s competitive spending advantage, sources say. (Tens of millions in Golden State money gets spread to those teams via revenue-sharing and payouts to teams who don’t pay the tax.)”

Any team can spend lots of money, but not every team can spend it wisely. What the Warriors have managed to do is build a winning roster that is deserving of such lavish spending.

Of course, most of the stars on the Warriors right now were homegrown. Of the team’s crucial contributors this season, only Wiggins wasn’t originally drafted by the team. At the time of Golden State’s deal for Wiggins, the Warriors’ decision to acquire the forward was mocked and panned by many.

Wiggins and the Warriors have had the last laugh. He was named to his first All-Star Game this season and has been a force in the playoffs thus far.

So, while teams around the league may be angry with the Warriors, Golden State is likely unfazed.

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