Stephen Curry talks about his legacy, shares how he has changed the game of basketball

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Stephen Curry is closer to the end of his basketball career than he is to its beginning, so perhaps that’s what has caused the Golden State Warriors superstar to become more reflective recently, with some of the latest comments from the 35-year-old addressing his legacy within the game.

“Being able to change the game and what we stand for, changing the game for good — a lot of the ways that the game is played now, I feel like I’ve had a huge part in that,” he said while speaking about his legacy. “How people see their ability to be creative on the court, stretch their range, stretch their imagination, but then also off the court, providing a lot of opportunity and inspiration for people to find their true potential in life and trying to be a big inspiration in that part as well.”

Curry is about to enter his 15th NBA season, all with the Warriors, and remains one of the most popular and talented players in the league. The nine-time All-Star and four-time NBA champion played just 56 games but averaged 29.4 points per game in the 2022-23 regular season, his second-best scoring mark of the past seven seasons, which indicates he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Golden State’s season ended with a disappointing series loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the playoffs, but he, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will be back together again trying to win yet another NBA title after doing so in 2022.

Unfortunately, the championship window is inevitably closing due to the relentlessness of age, and Curry this offseason has been looking back and commenting on his career to date.

He recently talked about his “complex” relationship with LeBron James, forged with four straight NBA Finals matchups when the current Lakers superstar was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Curry also recently recalled Lakers legend Kobe Bryant recognizing his “killer instinct” and what that meant to him.

Curry came into the NBA as it was transitioning to more of a focus on 3-point shooting, fitting his style of play perfectly. He has made more 3-pointers than anyone in NBA history, and he still has moments, like his 50-point showing in a Game 7 win over the Sacramento Kings in the 2023 playoffs, that inspire awe from those around the NBA.

His and the Warriors’ success have made long-range shooting more popular than dunking and definitely influenced how the game is played at every level. He also is considered one of the sport’s best off-court ambassadors.

The Warriors are nearing the end of their run with their core players and head coach Steve Kerr, who, despite reports of being burnt out, may be willing to stick around for as long as Curry plays.

And however long that may be, Curry will be adding to a legacy that has him among the greatest NBA players of all time.

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