Stephen A. Smith says the Clippers need Bradley Beal to beat the Lakers

Robert Marvi
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Trade rumors have surrounded Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal for many months, but they haven’t gained any real momentum.

ESPN personality Stephen A Smith suggested that the Los Angeles Clippers make a sincere attempt to trade for Beal.

“They (the Clippers) ain’t beating no damn Los Angeles Lakers,” said Smith. “They get Bradley Beal to pair with Kawhi [Leonard] and Paul George. … Oh we got a different story to tell.”

At first glance, the Clippers seem to be doing well, as they currently hold a 13-5 record. However, the Utah Jazz have recently lapped them, dropping the Clippers to third place in the Western Conference.

Beal is having another banner year this season, averaging 34.4 points a game. At age 27, he’s only beginning the prime of his career.

However, despite having Russell Westbrook at Beal’s side, the Wizards have a terrible 3-10 record. It may be time for them to deal Beal and start over.

Although trading for Beal would certainly make the Clippers stronger on paper, it may not be the right move for them in order to get past the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Clippers are very strong on the offensive end already, but defense is their main issue dating back to last season, as they currently rank 16th in defensive rating.

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