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Milwaukee Bucks

Report: Milwaukee Bucks to offer COVID-19 vaccines to fans who attend game against Brooklyn Nets on Sunday

Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets

The Milwaukee Bucks are offering fans who attend Sunday’s contest against the Brooklyn Nets the opportunity to get vaccinated at their arena.

The NBA has been one of the most proactive and progressive leagues when it comes to battling the novel coronavirus.

Numerous players and coaches from across the association have been vaccinated. While some players have been hesitant about getting the vaccine, others have been leaders in campaigning about it.

After all, a couple players were really hit hard by the deadly virus. As a matter of fact, Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum has said that his experience with COVID-19 has affected his game on the court.

In addition to getting the unique opportunity to get vaccinated, fans in Milwaukee will get a great look at two of the Eastern Conference’s best teams.

The Bucks hold the No. 3 seed while the Nets have the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference this season. Both teams are loaded with stars and expected to make significant runs at a title.



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