NBA and NFL world don’t hold back in unfiltered reactions to Donald Trump-Joe Biden debate

Orel Dizon
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Thursday saw an unprecedented event in U.S. history, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the presumptive nominees of the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively, engaged in a presidential debate. It was the first time a current and a former president participated in a debate.

Many voters anticipated how it would turn out, especially because of the volatility of U.S. politics. However, they probably didn’t expect the 81-year-old Biden to show his age, as he seemed hoarse and unintelligible at times during the program. In addition, the presidential hopefuls also used the opportunity to attack one another personally.

The turn of events had some NBA and NFL personalities reacting wildly on X (formerly Twitter), with retired wide receiver Dez Bryant “begging” people to watch the debate.

Biden’s occasional struggles to put his thoughts together had people like Miami Dolphins long snapper Blake Ferguson and controversial football icon Antonio Brown offering their observations.

Of course, the below-the-belt attacks by the candidates elicited some interesting reactions. Biden had no problem bringing up Trump’s criminal convictions, while the former president invoked his nemesis’ son’s own conviction at some point.

On the other hand, NBA veterans Patrick Beverley and Kyle Kuzma focused more on the discussion of the policies that were supposed to be the highlight of the debate.

Despite some of the negative aspects of what could be the first of a string of debates between the political opponents, the country would likely be better off having one of them secure the presidency than having Brown go through with his suggestion.

Some of those who watched the debate said that Trump won the face-off. Meanwhile, some leading Democratic figures are reportedly worried about the incumbent president’s performance, with some of them apparently already thinking about replacing him on the presidential ticket.

There are still several months before the 2024 presidential election takes place. With both the NBA and NFL currently in the offseason, the league’s players have some time on their hands to monitor the lead-up to what could be a monumental election. One can expect many of them to continue voicing out their opinions in the following weeks and months.

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