NBA Twitter erupts after fly lands on Mike Pence’s head during vice presidential debate

Robert Marvi
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On Wednesday evening, Vice President Mike Pence and California Sen. Kamala Harris met for the first vice presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle.

At one point, a fly landed on Pence’s head, which caused some in the NBA community to go crazy on social media.

Harris is vying to become not only the first female vice president in United States history but the first Black vice president as well.

There is plenty at stake in this election that NBA players have been vocal about.

Ever since the 2019-20 season resumed in Orlando, Fla., a number of players have spoken out about the need for social justice, especially in the wake of several shootings and killings of African-Americans.

Voter suppression of people of color is another issue that players have not only spoken out about but also taken action on.

LeBron James, in particular, is attempting to increase voter turnout among Black individuals by running his “More Than a Vote” initiative.

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