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New Orleans Pelicans

J.J. Redick Confirms Special Treatment for NBA Superstars Inside Orlando Bubble

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Earlier on in the NBA’s bubble experiment in Orlando, Fla., Houston Rockets veteran Austin Rivers joked that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James had an entire hotel to himself.

Now, it appears that Rivers’ statement was not so far from the truth after New Orleans Pelicans sharpshooter J.J. Redick confirmed that the league’s biggest stars are indeed getting preferential treatment inside the bubble.

Redick recently broke down how superstars are being treated in the NBA’s bubble.

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“I’ve seen videos of a couple of superstars’ rooms at other hotels, and let me tell you that the bubble experience is not the same for everyone,” Redick said. “Some guys basically have two- and three-bedroom apartments. Unfortunately, I don’t have that, nor do I have a kitchen, but there are some guys with kitchens inside their rooms. I’ve been in this s— for 14 years, and I can’t even get a nice room, but it’s whatever.”

It’s not all that shocking that the NBA’s biggest assets are getting taken care of in a different way than the bench players of the league.

With that being said, there are likely quite a few reserve players who are unhappy about the unfair treatment. After all, they are arguably sacrificing just as much, if not more than the star players when it comes to being a part of the season’s resumption.

Ultimately, what matters most is that everyone is staying healthy. Last week, the NBA proudly announced that zero out of 346 players who were tested for COVID-19 garnered positive test results.

Surely, the league will look to continue that trend once consequential games start to be played.

Tipoff for the restart of the 2019-20 season is on July 30.



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