Tim Legler on the New York Knicks potentially adding Donovan Mitchell: ‘They’re still probably a play-in team’

Jonathan Sherman
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Right now, the New York Knicks are one of the key contenders to land Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell via trade.

The Knicks have several assets that they could feasibly part ways with in order to add Mitchell to their roster.

However, even if the Knicks were to add Mitchell, former NBA player and current sports analyst Tim Legler has some doubts about how the team would perform. In fact, he recently expressed his belief that even with Mitchell, the Knicks would be a team destined for the play-in tournament.

If Mitchell were traded to the Knicks and ended up missing the playoffs next season, it would mark the first season of his career with no playoff basketball. He’s played for the Jazz for five seasons, and he’s helped lead the team to the playoffs every year.

With each passing day, it seems increasingly likely that Mitchell has already played his final game for Utah. Though the Jazz have kept their cards close to the chest, the team’s general manager recently implied that no one on the roster is untouchable.

As NBA fans know, the Jazz already parted ways with big man Rudy Gobert. That move alone signaled to many that the team was perhaps on the verge of a rebuild.

If the Jazz do end up moving Mitchell, the rebuild in Utah will be a certainty.

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