Anonymous Houston source blasts James Harden’s fit in Philadelphia: ‘James is a weird control freak’

Jonathan Sherman
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There have been some interesting rumblings as of late that have linked Brooklyn Nets star James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Many have discussed what the potentially devastating duo of Harden and 76ers star Joel Embiid could accomplish together.

While Embiid would undoubtedly benefit from having an elite scorer like Harden at his side in Philadelphia, one anonymous source from the Houston Rockets has serious doubts about how the potential partnership would work.

Of course, Harden spent many years in a Rockets uniform.

“If James gets to Philly, it could be a situation where Embiid’s complete game will depend on whether James wants to give him the ball or not — and James is a weird control freak,” the source said. “He will not throw him the ball at certain times in games just to let Joel know that, like, I’m the guy.”

When it comes to Harden, he has been given the chance to play with dominant stars throughout his career. Still, he has yet to win an NBA title. It seems like the anonymous source believes that Harden is, in some ways, a detriment to team success despite the fact that he is one of the most talented players in the NBA.

One interesting thing to note, however, is that Harden has never really played with an elite big man like Embiid. Harden and Embiid would certainly form one of the best duos in today’s NBA.

With the Nets this season, Harden is averaging 23.0 points, 10.1 assists and 8.1 rebounds per game.

Embiid is averaging 29.0 points, 10.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game.

Harden and Embiid competing on the same team would, without a doubt, be a sight to behold. Whether that possibility becomes a reality remains to be seen.

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