Report: Ben Simmons hasn’t returned Joel Embiid’s attempts to reach him

Jason Simpson
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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report, Philadelphia 76ers All-Star point guard Ben Simmons has not returned superstar teammate Joel Embiid’s attempts at reaching out.

“Joel Embiid has reached out to him several times since the end of the season,” NBA reporter Jason Dumas said during a recent radio appearance. “He hasn’t returned Joel Embiid’s calls. He hasn’t been in touch with many other of the players, and he’s essentially taken a step back and said, ‘Hey, all my communication is going to be through my agent.'”

The dreadful Simmons chapter is lingering on for Philadelphia, and it sounds like it’s starting to get messy.

It was reported recently that Simmons has distanced himself from the organization since the season ended, but it was not known that he was distant to the degree of ignoring his teammates.

To ignore a superstar player like Embiid is a very audacious move by Simmons.

Even though reports have suggested that the Sixers’ asking price on a potential Simmons deal is high, it seems like the only way forward for both sides is through a trade.

Most fans would agree that Simmons is still a very talented player. He remains an elite defender and is a very versatile player thanks to his 6-foot-11 frame. However, the past few months have been rocky for him, and there is a chance that he could be perceived as a bad teammate after this latest report involving Embiid.

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