Report: Rival executive says he refuses to do business with Daryl Morey because he always leaks info to media

Justin Benjamin
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Philadelphia 76ers newly appointed president Daryl Morey isn’t the best at keeping secrets.

As a matter of fact, one executive in the NBA bashed Morey for the way he uses the media to leverage trades.

“One rival executive says he has come to avoid calling Morey with trade offers, for fear they will leak to the media,” wrote Henry Abbott of “Public pressure might help Morey gain leverage to complete a deal. But the leverage comes at the expense of upsetting both organizations’ stability as players, agents, coaches, and families stress about the future.”

Morey, 48, recently finished a lengthy tenure with the Houston Rockets.

Now, he is trying to get his new franchise closer to capturing a championship. He’s made several moves, including shipping former All-Star Al Horford and acquiring proven shooters in Danny Green and Seth Curry.

However, Morey has also been caught in hot water. He has sent mixed messages about parting ways with star Ben Simmons in a potential pursuit of disgruntled former MVP James Harden.

Of course, Harden and Morey have strong history together.

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