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Philadelphia 76ers

Video: Ben Simmons seen draining 3-point shots while working out with Rajon Rondo

Ben Simmons
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The 3-pointer is arguably the most important shot in the NBA today. These days, it is common for the best teams in the league to also be the teams that shoot best from deep.

As a result, many players work on shooting from beyond the arc in order to add value to their offensive games. However, some players still need to improve in that area.

Philadelphia 76ers star point guard Ben Simmons is one of the players in the league that does not posses the ability to consistently make shots from deep. In his career, he has only made 5-of-34 3-pointers, which equals 14.7 percent.

He was recently seen working on his 3-point shot with Los Angeles Clippers point guard Rajon Rondo.

Rondo is a player that struggled with his shot from three early on in his career. However, in the past couple of seasons, he has very much improved in that aspect. Over the past six seasons, Rondo has shot 35.2 percent from three compared to the 26.3 percent he shot during the first nine seasons of his career.

It seems like Simmons could really benefit from working with Rondo.

One of the biggest knocks on Simmons’ game has always been his ineffective jumper. The 25-year-old has seen his name in trade rumors throughout this entire offseason, and it will certainly be interesting to see if he ends up staying with the 76ers for this upcoming season.



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