Photos of What NBA Players Are Being Fed in Orlando’s Bubble Has Sent Twitter Into Frenzy

Robert Marvi
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As NBA players start to make their way to the league’s bubble environment in Orlando, Fla., they will start to familiarize themselves with the safety protocols and restrictions in place.

Apparently, the restrictions include the food that is currently being supplied to them.

On Tuesday night, Denver Nuggets guard Troy Daniels shared a picture of a meal that was brought to his hotel room.

Brooklyn Nets guard Chris Chiozza also shared a picture of his underwhelming dinner.

The food doesn’t look unhealthy, but it also doesn’t look like what world-class athletes are used to eating.

Luckily, Marc Stein of the New York Times tweeted some good news about the food that players will be served not long from now.

Indeed, it’s reported that players will eventually get to have meals prepared by chefs. In fact, each team will have some input on creating a menu of healthy meals that will satisfy the nutritional needs of each player.

While these pictures of early meals from within the bubble are certainly funny, it looks like NBA players won’t have to endure the underwhelming eats for long.

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