Ray Allen interested in owning Sonics and bringing them back to Seattle

Peter Dewey
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NBA legend Ray Allen is interested in bringing back the Seattle SuperSonics.

Allen, 45, was traded to the SuperSonics during the 2002-03 season and played there through the 2006-07 season.

The 10-time All-Star made four consecutive All-Star teams with the SuperSonics.

However, the team relocated to the Oklahoma City following the 2007-08 season to become the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Allen recently explained his desire to own an NBA team and for the SuperSonics to make a return to the league.

“So, I tell people when you believe in something or when you have a goal or idea,” Allen said during an NBA Watch Party on Clubhouse. “You write it down, and then you tell your friend or tell somebody you don’t know. The reason why you do that because you can’t run away from it. Cause a lot of times, and people don’t share their goals because they are afraid if they don’t accomplish them, they are a failure.


“Even when you don’t accomplish them, you learned something. You have information, and then you go back to the drawing board. So, we have to give our desires and our dreams to the world to help us inspire. So, the signs tell us everything, and I have put stuff like that into the universe, like one day, I want to run a marathon, run a triathlon, I want to own an NBA team. There are small little things that push you into a direction or away from it.”

He went on to explain his love for Seattle and why he wants a team to return to the area.

“I would love for Seattle to have a team, and I would love to be part of the ownership. When I left Seattle in 07, so many were disenchanted with the ownership, and the one thing that I told them was, this is something people all over the world in any city with a sports team. People were upset with the then owners, and I told them, listen, I wear Seattle on my chest, but I only wear it for a brief time. When I leave, this is your city. You always have to fight for your city, for your team, and the pride of what it is. You cannot lose a sports team in your city because it is a community resource. As an adult you have your frustrations and things that piss you off the dynamics, the politics, but we do things for the kids.


“There was a high school in Seattle their jersey was stolen. So, Rashard Lewis and I made sure that we purchased new jerseys, so they had them. When you do not have that NBA team in that city, and you lose that resource. We knew about it, and we acted immediately because it helps the local kids connect with us. And that goes for any professional team in any city.”

Allen is a Hall of Famer and won two NBA titles during his NBA career. While it is unknown if the NBA wants to expand to Seattle, having a marquee name like Allen supporting the move certainly would help.

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