Report: Delonte West suffered medical emergency as cops tried to arrest him

Jonathan Sherman
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Former NBA guard Delonte West has faced significant difficulties following the end of his playing career in 2015.

In the years since his career ended, West has struggled with substance abuse and had multiple run-ins with the law. Unfortunately, it looks like another run-in with police has occurred. According to a recent report, West was arrested on Thursday.

To make matters worse, the 40-year-old reportedly suffered a medical emergency during the incident.

According to TMZ, police had been trying to serve West with a warrant for his arrest. West reportedly fled from officers, but was found shortly after a brief pursuit. When police found him, West was “unresponsive.”

“Narcan was administered by officers, but [it] did not have the desired effect,” police told TMZ. “He was transported to a local hospital and Narcan was administered again, which yielded the desired effect.”

The former Boston Celtics guard is reportedly being held on $2,000 bond and slated to appear in court for the incident on Friday.

Given the details already released by officers involved, it seems rather likely that West will be spending some time behind bars.

While the news is disturbing in its own right, the mug shot that has been released of West following this most recent incident will likely disturb fans even more.

From the image, it appears clear that West has fallen on some very hard times. This is unfortunate news for people who have been rooting for the man who clearly has been struggling with his demons.

Since the conclusion of his NBA career, West has struggled. However, he has tried numerous times to get back on track. Back in 2020, West worked with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to try to get clean and sober. It seemed to be working for a time, and West even attempted a return to the basketball world during a tryout with the BIG3 league.

The attempt to return to the game of basketball fell flat, however. Since that comeback attempt, he’s been arrested multiple times.

Back in 2022, West was arrested twice in two weeks.

It is certainly a sad story whenever former professional athletes fall on hard times. West’s story is made even more painful due to the fact that he has clearly tried multiple times to turn his life around.

Addiction to substances is a serious disease, however, and one that is incredibly hard to overcome. Hopefully, West will commit to recovery and a healthier lifestyle following this incident.

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