Report: Former NBA G League player Chance Comanche confesses to strangling murder victim with HDMI cord

Jesse Cinquini
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Former Sacramento Kings G League player Chance Comanche reportedly admitted shocking details in the Las Vegas murder of a 23-year-old woman named Marayna Rodgers.

FOX5 reported that Comanche confessed to his role in the death of Rodgers, whose remains were found after she was missing for 10 days.

According to an arrest report obtained by FOX5, Comanche revealed to investigators that he and a 19-year-old woman by the name of Sakari Harnden hatched a plot to murder Rodgers.

Harnden and Comanche initially were planning to have a third party kill the victim and plotted the idea via group text.

“I told my dawg the whole plan,” Comanche wrote to Harnden on Dec. 2.

According to the police report, an unnamed party referred to as “Tre” asked Comanche what he wanted to do to the victim. That’s when Comanche replied with a coffin emoji.

After there was an issue of potentially finding a gun cropping up on Dec. 4, Comanche responded with a sinister alternative.

“I can snap her neck,” Comanche wrote in the group text.

Per authorities, Comanche is currently at Sacramento County Main Jail, where he is being held without bail. Also according to authorities, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office is charging both Comanche and Harnden with murder.

Comanche — who is 27 years old — has an appearance in Sacramento Superior Court scheduled for Tuesday.

The arrest report indicated that Comanche met with Harnden following the Stockton Kings’ matchup against the G League Ignite back on Dec. 5 to carry out their murder plot against Rodgers. Rodgers was in Las Vegas visiting friends at the time.

Comanche allegedly revealed to investigators that he met Harnden on a dating app a year and a half back and that they continued to stay in touch after the end of their romantic relationship. He also admitted that he and Harnden came up with a plan to lure Rodgers away from her friends so they could kill her because Harnden claimed Rodgers was going to “smoke her” if she did not give her a Rolex watch.

Per the arrest report, the G League player said that he disguised himself as a “trick” in order to meet up with Rodgers “under the direction” of Harnden. Comanche told Rodgers that he was someone who was into “kinky sex” and wished to tie up both her and Harnden in a vehicle.

Comanche revealed to police that he strangled Rodgers with an HDMI cord while Harnden simultaneously choked her with her hands. Harnden and Comanche then supposedly disposed of Rodgers’ body in a ditch located on Vincenzo Lane in Henderson, Nev.

Police arrested Harnden in Las Vegas on Wednesday, while the FBI apprehended Comanche on Friday at the Stockton Kings’ practice facility.

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