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San Antonio Spurs

Chilling details of DeMar DeRozan’s home invasion released with 7-year-old daughter essentially playing hero

DeMar DeRozan San Antonio Spurs

Last week, it was reported that San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan had come face to face with an intruder in his Los Angeles home.

Now, scary details have been released, shedding light on the terrifying incident.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the story is that a large reason why the intruder was caught was because DeRozan’s young daughter was able to spring into action.

“DeMar DeRozan’s 7-year-old daughter is a hero — because she’s the one who spotted an intruder at their L.A. home and immediately sounded the alarm leading to his arrest … this, according to law enforcement,” TMZ reported.


“Officials say there’s video surveillance that shows the suspect — 22-year-old Justin Bergquist — peeping inside DeRozan’s house on Nov. 19 around 7 PM.


“The footage also allegedly shows Bergquist entering the home through a sliding glass door. Officials say he spent 17 minutes inside the home — shirtless — until he ran into DeMar’s daughter.


“According to the police report, When the suspect saw [DeMar’s daughter], he put his finger to his lips and signaled for her to be quiet.’


“But, DeMar’s daughter knew better … and smartly ran downstairs and screamed for her parents.

It was at that point that DeRozan began searching for the assailant.

“That’s when DeMar sprung into action — scouring the house for the suspect, who made a break for it and ultimately fled from the home,” TMZ added.


“DeMar’s GF called 911 — and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. responded to the scene. Bergquist was eventually located and arrested.


“Law enforcement claims Bergquist said he was trying to find Kylie Jenner’s home that night — but hit the wrong house by accident.


“The DeRozans claim Bergquist caused significant damage to one of the sliding glass doors, which will cost $15,000 to repair.


“Bergquist is now facing a felony burglary charge — and he’s been ordered to stay away from both DeMar and Kylie.”

Surely, this entire incident could have been a lot worse if the DeRozan family had not handled it better. In fact, DeRozan admitted that he knows how lucky he and his family were thanks to his own experience of growing up in Compton, Calif.

Thankfully, no one was harmed.


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