TikToker uses loophole to enter 2023 NBA Draft despite having no high school or college basketball experience

Jason Simpson
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TikTok content creator Jordan Haber, a recent graduate from the University of Florida, is eligible to hear his name called in the 2023 NBA Draft.

The catch is that the 21-year-old has no high school or college basketball experience.

Haber found a loophole that allowed him to pull off the stunt, and he’s now one of roughly 300 eligible draft prospects.


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“So, I made a bet with my friends, and I made it into the NBA draft,” he said. ” … I think they’re like, ‘Who is this kid? Why did he find the loophole into actually getting into the draft? This is not supposed to happen.’ But yeah, after all these official emails, I am now Jordan Haber, a member of the 2023 NBA Draft class — soon to be undrafted class.”

Haber apparently found the loophole by reading through the NBA’s CBA. He found that because of his age and status as a recent college graduate, there was a path to entering the draft pool.

His commitment to the bit was enough for him to see the entire process through, and he’s now draft eligible.

Going in, the 2023 NBA offseason was expected to be a wild one, but very few folks likely had Haber’s story on their bingo cards. The recent Florida grad obviously isn’t going to be drafted when the event takes place on Thursday, but he’ll always be able to say that he found a way into the pool.

Haber mentioned that he’s a fan of the Miami Heat, who made this year’s NBA Finals. The Heat have just one pick in Thursday’s draft, and it will come at No. 18 overall. Teams like the Heat are looking to use Thursday as a chance to get a little bit closer to a championship.

Of course, Miami has a track record of turning undrafted players into key rotation pieces at the NBA level. Haber, in some sense, will soon be an undrafted player, so even after Thursday’s draft ends, he’ll be able to keep his wild NBA dreams alive.

For now, the focus of the basketball world will remain on some of the draft’s more recognizable prospects, with the San Antonio Spurs expected to get things started by picking Victor Wembanyama with the No. 1 overall selection.

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