Bradley Beal slams Ted Cruz for supporting his vaccination status: ‘You know damn well I ain’t rockin’ with you’

Jonathan Sherman
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There are a number of NBA stars that have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and Washington Wizards star guard Bradley Beal is one of them.

Beal, Kyrie Irving and other NBA studs have received a lot of flack from fans for refusing to take the vaccine. However, one public figure who has thrust his support behind unvaccinated athletes is Texas senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz is a polarizing character thanks to his right-leaning views and his consistent support of former president Donald Trump. Cruz showed his support for Beal’s decision to refuse the vaccine back in September.

“I stand with Kyrie Irving,” Cruz tweeted.


“I stand with Andrew Wiggins.


“I stand with Bradley Beal.


“I stand with Jonathan Isaac.”

Now, Beal has made it abundantly clear that he is not aligned with Cruz in any way.

“Don’t attach me to that,” Beal said recently, according to Ava Wallace of the Washington Post. “Because that’s not what I was trying to do. I’m not sitting here advocating for people not to get it. … I’ve never met you, I don’t talk to you and I don’t support you or anything you do. That’s a little weird. That’s why I don’t like social media. Ted, you know damn well I ain’t rockin’ with you. You’re not going to get no cool points if that’s what you’re in it for.”

It is certainly a fascinating development as it pertains to sports and politics. For years, politicians like Cruz have bashed athletes for involving themselves in politics. Now, it seems as though some of those same politicians are championing athletes.

Clearly, Beal wants nothing to do with Cruz. It will be interesting to see if Cruz responds to Beal’s comments in the near future.

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