Jordan Travis’ injury prompts NFL source to say ‘extremely dangerous’ hip-drop tackles need to be addressed

Orel Dizon
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Florida State University star Jordan Travis sustained a serious injury on Saturday and had to be carted off the field in the first quarter of his team’s game.

After being on the receiving end of what appeared to be a hip-drop tackle, the quarterback had his leg bend at an awkward angle.

With the hip-drop tackle seeing increased attention in the football world recently, an NFL source reportedly admitted to the play being “extremely dangerous” and needing to be addressed.

That type of tackle is considered by plenty of folks as a dangerous move because of how it can cause serious harm to players. It involves a defender wrapping around a runner and then swinging his weight and dropping onto the opponent’s leg. Because the runner becomes defenseless and cannot kick his way out from under, his ankle or knee can get trapped underneath the weight of the defender.

Travis’ injury might deal a serious blow to his team’s aspirations, as the senior quarterback has been key to its undefeated season. It’s still unclear how long he will be out, although it wouldn’t be surprising if he has already played his last collegiate game.

What’s clear is that the hip-drop tackle has to be dealt with sooner than later before it results in more serious injuries. A similar maneuver also brought down Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews recently. The three-time Pro Bowler had to leave the Ravens’ battle versus Cincinnati Bengals right on his squad’s opening drive.

It was reported that Andrews suffered a cracked fibula and ankle ligament injury. Considering the severity of Andrews’ injury, Ravens coach John Harbaugh stated that the 28-year-old’s season might be over. It remains to be seen how the loss will affect Baltimore, who is currently pacing AFC North with an 8-3 standing.

Only time will tell if the NFL decides to ban the hip-drop tackle. It is seen as something similar to the horse-collar tackle, which caused a series of injuries in the 2004 season. Consequently, the league cracked down on the move, forbidding it in the 2005 offseason.

While some folks would rather see the maneuver stay legal, the NFL will certainly end up prioritizing the safety of its players.

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