Patrick Mahomes’ mom and fiancee sound off on referees and ESPN

Robert Marvi
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On Sunday, Patrick Mahomes suffered through one of the most frustrating games of his young career when he and his Kansas City Chiefs lost Super Bowl LV to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Since the game started to get away from Mahomes, his mother and fiancée went off on Twitter about what they saw as unfavorable officiating and media coverage.

Mahomes has been generally regarded as the best quarterback in the NFL today. However, he looked nothing of the sort of Sunday.

The Bucs’ defense was consistently able to get to him and pressure him, forcing him to scramble and attempt some nearly impossible passes on multiple occasions.

When Mahomes wasn’t on the field, Brady calmly did the sort of things he has been doing for nearly two decades.

Sunday’s game was Brady’s seventh Super Bowl championship, seemingly eliminating any doubt that he’s the greatest player in NFL history.

The bright side for Mahomes is that he’s just 25 years old and should have more chances at more championships, assuming the crew the Chiefs have now stays intact.

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