Patrick Mahomes says he has worn the same pair of underwear for every game of his NFL career

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There are a lot of superstitious professional athletes, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of them.

During a recent appearance on ESPN, the two-time Super Bowl MVP provided some insight into his ritual of wearing the same pair of underwear for every game of his professional career.

“First, my wife Brittany got them for me, so I’m not throwing y’all down, but I have to wear them,” Patrick Mahomes said while on ManningCast with Peyton and Eli Manning. “At the same time, I threw them on that first season, we had a pretty good season that season. I only wear them for game day though, so they’re not too worn down, they’re not like these nasty [underwear].”

Patrick Mahomes went on to explain that while he does clean the lucky underwear, he only does so after a loss, and the Chiefs haven’t had too many of those recently.

“I clean them,” Patrick Mahomes said. “I wash them every once in a while at least. I mean if we’re on a hot streak, I can’t wash them, you know? I’ve got to just keep it rolling. As long as I’m winning football games, I’ll keep the superstition going.”

Given all of the success that Patrick Mahomes has already attained in his NFL career, it’s tough to blame him for not wanting to change anything, even his underwear. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

After being drafted by Kansas City in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers in 2020, and another one over the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023. In addition to being named MVP of both Super Bowls, Patrick Mahomes has also won two regular season MVP awards, and he’s been named to five Pro Bowls. He’s also still just 28 years old, which means that he still has a lot of good football ahead of him.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are poised to make another deep run this season, too. They currently sit atop the AFC West with a 7-2 record, and they have a legitimate chance to represent the conference in the Super Bowl again. First though, they have to get through the rest of the regular season.

The Chiefs have a major test coming up, as their next game is a Super Bowl rematch against Philadelphia on Monday night. The Eagles are currently a league-best 8-1. If Kansas City is able to pull out a win, some of the credit, at least in Patrick Mahomes’ mind, will have to go to his lucky pair of underwear.

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