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Brad has written on a variety of both NBA and NFL topics and has worked previously as a sports information director at the collegiate level. A lifetime fan of sports, he's witnessed countless great moments in different sports and understands that stories can be compelling from both the perspective of winners and losers. As a frustrated fan of Cleveland sports, he experienced something unprecedented when the Cavaliers won the city's first championship in 52 years.
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De’Aaron Fox complains about California taxes on behalf of NBA players

Sacramento Kings guard De'Aaron Fox used Anthony Davis' contract extension to express

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Larry Nance Jr. disgusted by Orlando Magic’s recent donation to Ron DeSantis

New Orleans Pelicans forward Larry Nance Jr. is expressing his disgust at

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Jonathan Taylor’s agent doubts relationship with Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay can be repaired

The tenuous relationship between Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and his star

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Andrew Nicholson addresses recent disrespect from Draymond Green with strong comeback

Draymond Green's continued anger over being drafted in the second round of

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NFL source on declining RB market: ‘Blame Mike Shanahan and the analytics community’

In trying to explain the declining running back market, a new report

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Report: Damian Lillard’s interest level in the Clippers and Celtics is a ‘resounding no’

With trade rumors about Damian Lillard still rampant, one NBA insider is

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