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Jonathan has worked as a sports writer covering NBA and NFL news since 2017. He's a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Vikings.
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Patrick Beverley says he doesn’t have sex nights before games in order to keep his legs fresh

Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley is known for creating entertaining sound bites,

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Report: Portland Trail Blazers have no plans to fire Chauncey Billups

The Portland Trail Blazers are on the verge of yet another disappointing

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Report: NBA’s next media deal could be worth $75 billion

The NBA is an international business and brand that seems to only

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Report: Baltimore Ravens are quietly confident about their ability to match offer sheets for Lamar Jackson

Earlier this NFL offseason, the Baltimore Ravens announced that they had applied

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Aaron Rodgers reveals intention to play for New York Jets, blames trade hold-up on Green Bay Packers

The mystery is finally over. Superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers intends to play

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