Antonio Brown does complete 180 in Caitlin Clark obsession yet still comments on her private area

Jonathan Sherman
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The one-sided drama between WNBA star rookie Caitlin Clark and former NFL star Antonio Brown seemingly keeps getting stranger and stranger.

The controversy made headlines when Brown made statements that many would consider to be sexual harassment of the young woman.

Clark must have agreed, as Brown eventually posted a screenshot on X showing that Clark blocked his account on the popular social media app.

Now, for reasons that are not entirely clear, it appears as though Brown has done something of a 180 when it comes to his opinion of Clark.

“Caitlin Clark, we love you,” Brown said while speaking with sports pundit Jason Whitlock. “There’s no drama here. I’m excited about what you gonna do for women’s basketball. You are an amazing player. I love to watch your game. You bring a lot of excitement and energy. … CTESPN will love to have you talk, express what you deal with, your traumas, your adversities, how you continue to be great.”

Brown went on to further compliment Clark.

“From people like me in the media bringin’ awareness to you, maybe the wrong or the right, it’s all in positivity,” he said. “It’s all in fun and games. And continue to be great, continue to keep focus of bein’ the best athlete you wanna be. Continue to lead women’s sports, pioneerin’ it the way you want to pioneer it. I have a daughter that look up to you, that look up to everything you guys are doing, so shout out to you Caitlin Clark and if it’s hairy don’t worry about it.”

While Brown’s message was positive overall, he did add a vulgar remark near the 1:07 mark, falling in line with his past comments.

It’s impossible to know why Brown decided to change his tune when it comes to Clark. It’s possible that he caved to criticism that he received for targeting the young woman, though the vulgar remark makes that questionable.

It is also possible that this development is just the latest installment in a long line of incidents in which Brown has acted in ways that few can understand.

Despite Brown’s positive tone, it seems highly likely that it will fall on deaf ears, especially since he cheapened the message at the end. Clark likely wants nothing to do with Brown, now or ever. Surely, many will agree with her if that does end up being her approach to this interaction.

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