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Brooklyn Nets

Report: Former teammate of James Harden and Kevin Durant claims Nets reunion rumors are true

James Harden Houston Rockets
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets appear to be on the verge of some drastic moves. Russell Westbrook has reportedly let it be known that he wants out of Houston, and James Harden might also be headed elsewhere.

One rumored destination for Harden is the Brooklyn Nets. Kendrick Perkins, who played alongside Harden and Kevin Durant during his career, let it be known that the rumor may have some truth to it.

“So that goes to show me that the sources that been telling me that James Harden could possibly be joining the Brooklyn Nets with K.D. (Kevin Durant) and Kyrie Irving or going to the Philadelphia 76ers has some truth behind it,” Perkins said.

If the Nets pull off a blockbuster trade with the Rockets to acquire Harden, Brooklyn would instantly become the team to beat in the NBA with three superstar players on its roster.

Even if the Nets had to give up Kyrie Irving in a deal for Harden, the Nets might still earn the distinction as the league’s best team with two former NBA MVPs leading their squad for the upcoming season.

However, it seems like a stretch at this point that the Nets would be able to make this trade happen, especially with reports of Harden being content in Houston.

It’s hard to know what to believe right now with so many rumors floating around the league, but the Rockets will likely be as active as any team on the trade market.


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