Report: Boston Celtics ‘strongly advised to keep away’ from James Harden

Jonathan Sherman
1 Min Read

James Harden is the latest NBA superstar who may be on the move.

Though the Boston Celtics seem to be on the hunt to add another star to get over the hump and become true title contenders, it appears that they will not be going after Harden.

Clearly, whatever happened during the Celtics’ research had a major impact. After all, it’s not everyday that a former MVP makes it known that he is looking for a new home.

Still, the Celtics have very recent experience when it comes to acquiring a star that can quickly cause more trouble than he’s worth.

Kyrie Irving had a forgettable tenure with the Celtics after he was acquired via trade.

The Celtics already have a star-studded roster, but it seems they’re looking for more. However, based on this report, it won’t be Harden who ends up in Boston.

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