Patrick Beverley says he doesn’t have sex nights before games in order to keep his legs fresh

Jonathan Sherman
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Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley is known for creating entertaining sound bites, and his most recent one might take the cake.

The veteran recently revealed during an episode of his own podcast that he does not have sex on nights before games in order to keep his legs fresh.

“I don’t have sex night before games,” he said before his cohost mentioned keeping his legs fresh. “… I want to have fresh — you know what I’m saying? Wifey gon’ kill me, though.”

Beverley then began to go into the difficulties of this arrangement since he “got game every other day and s—,” but stopped himself after recognizing that he was getting “too deep” into the subject.

All in all, it was a hilarious exchange and one that Beverley fans will surely enjoy.

Beverley began the 2022-23 season as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, but he was sent away in a deal just before the trade deadline. He was then bought out of his previous contract and signed a deal with his hometown Bulls.

He’s been fantastic with Chicago, starting all 12 games that he’s appeared in. In those games, he’s put up 6.4 points, 6.2 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game. More importantly, the team is 8-4 in those 12 games.

That record has helped make the postseason a very real possibility for the Bulls. Right now, they own a 2.5-game lead for the No. 10 seed, the final spot to advance to the play-in tournament.

They have a shot to climb even higher in the standings in the final weeks of the season as well, as they are just a half-game back from the No. 9 seed and 1.5 games back from the No. 8 spot.

No one really expects the Bulls to be serious contenders this season, but it is at least nice to see that Beverley and company are giving the die-hard fans in the Windy City something to cheer about.

Beverley is only signed for the rest of the current season with the Bulls, but given the kind of boost he’s offered the team during his short stint, it would not be much of a shock if the two sides agreed to a longer commitment once the 2023 NBA offseason gets underway.

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