Report: Golden State Warriors will look into ‘small and large’ moves outside of Stephen Curry to restructure roster

Jason Simpson
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The Golden State Warriors are entering a big offseason as they look to pick a direction as a franchise.

Veteran superstar Stephen Curry reportedly wants his squad to run it back with the same core for at least another season, but it doesn’t sound like that’s a guarantee.

According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, the Warriors are going to look into several ways to restructure their roster this offseason, and Curry may be the only player who’s certain to stay put.

“But the new restrictive CBA penalties above the second tax apron don’t kick in until the following season, when [Klay] Thompson’s $43 million comes off the books,” wrote Slater. “That gives the Warriors time and an extra layer of flexibility as they figure out how best to remain competitive without handcuffing their future. [Joe] Lacob’s appetite to win only seems like it has been ignited more by [Bob] Myers’ departure. Sources indicate that there is no plan for a salary dump trade this summer that’s purely about cutting the bill.


“That doesn’t mean [Jordan] Poole is safe. That doesn’t mean anyone besides Curry is safe. The Warriors intend to explore various avenues to restructure the roster this summer, both small and large in scope. That could mean Poole is part of a trade if the return package appeals. But Poole is not actively being shopped, there is no edict to cut salary and his side has been given no current indication that his future will be elsewhere.”

The Warriors had a rocky 2022-23 season. They dealt with controversy and internal conflict from the gate and were never able to completely find their footing during the regular season.

As late as 59 games into the season, they had a losing record at 29-30. Ultimately, they earned the No. 6 seed in the Western Conference with a 44-38 record.

Golden State was able to secure a series win in the first round of the playoffs over the Sacramento Kings, but the Los Angeles Lakers sent the Warriors home in the second round after a six-game battle. The series loss marked Golden State’s first time losing a playoff series to a Western Conference team since 2014.

Now, the Warriors need to figure out the best path to take for their immediate and long-term future. It’s no surprise that Curry’s place with the team is safe, as the superstar just put together one of the most efficient seasons of his legendary career.

However, it seems like Golden State is going to have some difficult decisions to make outside of Curry, and it will be interesting to see what the team looks like when the 2023-24 season begins.

The Warriors have won four NBA titles with their trio of Curry, Thompson and Draymond Green. If Golden State does lose some familiar faces this summer, it may feel like the beginning of a new era (and the end of an iconic one) for the organization.

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