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Golden State Warriors

Report: Stephen Curry to join NinetyToZero to combat 90 percent racial wealth gap between white and Black Americans

Stephen Curry Warriors
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, along with a number of different organizations and CEOs, is joining NinetyToZero, an entity committed to reducing the steep racial wealth divide that currently exists.

At present, that massive gap is at 90 percent, with two goals of NinetyToZero being the creation of more funding for Black businesses as well as broadening the talent base of African-Americans.

To aid in the process, NinetyToZero has established a research partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a prestigious institution known for its business instruction.

“Uncovering solutions and creating opportunities is something I am profoundly committed to,” Curry said. “Bridging the racial wealth gap is one of the biggest challenges of our generation and will require accountability across the board— from the biggest corporations to the local non-profits. I’m excited to be joining the Advisory of NinetyToZero, where we are setting a concrete approach that every organization can take to initiate meaningful progress now and work to improve over time.”

The 33-year-old Curry is an African-American who’s obtained great wealth through basketball. This past season, Curry’s salary was just over $43 million and will be even more next season, yet he’s well aware that countless Blacks continue to struggle economically.

Curry’s presence within NinetyToZero will undoubtedly allow for greater attention to be focused on the issue, with the hope being that the drastic disparity is sharply reduced in the years ahead.


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