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Report: NBA free agency taking place before draft ‘gaining traction’ around league

Adam Silver NBA

A new report indicates that there appears to be increasing interest in having the NBA free-agency period begin prior to the annual league draft.

Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports noted how the momentum toward such a change has increased and quoted an anonymous general manager who strongly favors the idea.

“Last year with the pandemic, the climate was totally different, and I saw an uptick in terms of [teams] considering it,” the general manager said. “It’s a prehistoric approach. Utilizing cap space, assets and team needs are backwards, it’s ridiculous.”

The reluctance to change the status quo before was connected to issues like knowing what a team’s salary cap would be, as well as a delay in the start of NBA Summer League action. Yet, another general manager isn’t closing the door on the status quo.

“I am open to it, [although] one issue becomes the extension of the summer,” another general manager told Yahoo Sports. “I do like how football can fill free agent needs first and supplement their rosters with the draft second. I have logistical concerns. The calendar works in football’s favor.”

The NFL free-agency period began last month, while the league’s annual draft is currently taking place, which offers the NBA a clear example of the alternative formula.

At present, there is no firm push to change things, with the league itself taking no stand on the issue one way or the other.

If it does happen, it may take a few years to occur.


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