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Green Bay Packers

NFL executives irate that Aaron Rodgers, Packers were held to different COVID-19 protocol standards: ‘That’s B.S.’

Aaron Rodgers Packers

The Green Bay Packers are reportedly the target of some major ire coming from league coaches and executives.

It comes after the organization was apparently held to a different standard over the past summer in regard to following COVID-19 protocols.

“Multiple coaches and front-office executives have complained that their teams apparently were held to different COVID-19 protocol standards over the summer than the Green Bay Packers,” wrote Adam Schefter of ESPN.


“While the NFL instructed teams that unvaccinated players were required to wear masks along the sideline during preseason games, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did not.


“One team executive said he received a memo from the NFL about the COVID-19 protocols that read, in part: ‘Any such individual with bench area access who is not fully vaccinated except for active players shall be required to wear masks at all times. Unvaccinated inactive players must also wear masks.’


“One executive told ESPN: ‘That’s B.S. … What’s going on in Green Bay, that’s not what teams were told by the NFL. Our players wore masks all the time. We made our guys that weren’t playing wear masks.'”

Those are certainly heavy accusations that could lead to huge fines if the league does discover violation of protocols. It remains to be seen if it will impact the team’s performance this season.

The Packers have been one of the best teams in the NFL in the 2021 season. They are leading the NFC North division with a record of 7-1.

Aside from facing the issue of potentially breaching league protocols, the franchise is also dealing with another challenge as star quarterback Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Jordan Love, Green Bay’s first round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, will start in place of the future Hall of Famer.


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