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Jacksonville Jaguars

Tim Tebow looks absolutely shredded in picture from Jaguars offseason training

Tim Tebow Jaguars

While a player’s physique isn’t a qualification for making an NFL roster, Tim Tebow’s effort at making an NFL comeback with the Jacksonville Jaguars appears to have him in superb physical condition.

Tebow’s previous attempt at a lengthy career in the NFL resulted in minimal success.

However, that previous stint in the league came when he was attempting to play quarterback. He’s previously rejected calls to change positions, though he now is clearly happy with the prospect of a change.

Now 33 years old, Tebow has relented in his effort to again be an NFL quarterback and is trying out with the Jaguars as a tight end.

His current physical presence indicates that he’s prepared for the rigors of playing tight end, though the fact that he hasn’t played in an official NFL game since 2012 could work against him.


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