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Minnesota Vikings

Patrick Peterson strongly condemns NFL players who don’t want COVID-19 vaccine: ‘You’re just living in a different world’

Patrick Peterson Vikings
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson has made his stance on getting the COVID-19 vaccine clear.

While speaking on his “All Things Covered” podcast, Peterson said that players who are unvaccinated are not doing everything that they can to help their teams win.

“If you’re not vaccinated, like you said, you’re just living in a different world, first and foremost,” said Peterson. “I just think, why go through those things, why put yourself at risk of going through that again?”

He then indicated that the difference between players getting vaccinated or not could ultimately impact who ends up winning the Super Bowl this upcoming season.

“Why not put yourself in the best position possible to win a championship?” he asked.

Peterson also indicated that he felt “perfectly fine” after he received his own vaccination.

Buffalo Bills wide receive Cole Beasley made waves recently when he said on Twitter that he wasn’t planning on receiving the vaccine. Many fans went after him in the comments section.

Peterson’s message could possibly be directed at Beasley as well as other players that have decided that they do not want to receive the vaccine.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated players will have different COVID-19 protocols during the upcoming season.

Peterson will surely be hoping that his message will convince other players around the league to get the vaccine.


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