Patrick Beverley entertains betting $1M on WNBA team to beat high school boys team

Mike Battaglino
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Patrick Beverley may be willing to put his money where his mouth is regarding his confidence in the quality of the WNBA and its players.

Beverley on his podcast responded to the idea that a high school boys team would “destroy” the WNBA champions, which right now are the Las Vegas Aces after their victory over the New York Liberty last month.

“This man has to be on drugs,” Beverley said of Clay Travis, who raised the idea. “… They’re way more physical than man.”

Beverley didn’t hesitate in saying that the Minnesota Lynx, another WNBA team, screen harder than Toronto Raptors youngster Scottie Barnes.

“It’s a physical a– game, bro,” Beverley continued. “It’s crazy. These WNBA girls are skilled.”

Travis, in response to Beverley wondering if he was “on drugs” for believing that a high school boys team would beat a WNBA team, then said he was willing to put up $1 million on a boys team if Beverley was willing to do the same on a WNBA club.

The current Philadelphia 76ers player then responded on social media, acknowledging that such a wager would be prohibited under NBA rules but that it would be easy money for him.

The fact that such a game is unlikely to ever happen — not to mention with such a gaudy sum attached to the result — makes the debate and exchange somewhat foolish. But it does speak to the fact that the WNBA still does not seem to get the respect it deserves in some corners of the sports talk universe.

In Beverley’s defense of the WNBA, he mentioned the physical play of the players and their abilities to set strong screens. The media member challenged that idea in an effort to goad the NBA player into following through on the wager.

Travis is the founder of the sports website OutKick and was a vocal skeptic of the COVID-19 pandemic during its early days.

The WNBA just completed its 27th season. The Aces, coached by former NBA assistant Becky Hammon, became back-to-back champions with a four-game series win against the Liberty. A’ja Wilson was named Finals MVP, and Kelsey Plum, Jackie Young and Chelsea Gray are some of their other top players.

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