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Golden State Warriors

Report: Several opposing coaches have listened to Draymond Green’s podcast during playoffs to potentially gain information

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Golden State Warriors veteran forward Draymond Green has received quite a bit of flack recently for continuing to host his popular podcast throughout the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

Of course, his Warriors are now battling for an NBA title against the Boston Celtics. After a Game 3 loss on Wednesday night, the Warriors are currently a game back in the series.

Despite the loss, Green released an episode breaking down Game 3. He spent a portion of it clapping back at his critics.

While some seem to feel that Green is likely not as focused on the playoffs as he should be because of the podcast, it seems as though others are quite pleased that he is continuing to chat. Most notably, opposing coaches have reportedly been tuning into his episodes in hopes of gaining a competitive advantage over the Warriors as a result.

“Make no mistake—several Boston coaches are tuning in to every episode,” Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report wrote.


Dallas Mavericks staffers at least monitored snippets of the feed for information as well during the Western Conference Finals.


“‘Especially with the amount of time between Finals games,’ one NBA assistant coach told B/R. ‘Both teams are definitely looking for any small advantage they possibly can.'”

It’s pretty fascinating to think about the fact that Green’s podcast may actually be helping opposing teams prepare for battle against the Warriors. So far, it hasn’t been enough for a team to beat them in a best-of-seven series. After all, they are the 2022 Western Conference champs and are three wins away from an NBA title.

However, the Warriors are already in a hole against the Celtics, and Game 4 is pretty close to a must-win affair for Golden State. It will be interesting to see what Green has to say after Game 4 whether his team wins or loses.


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