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Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal admits his patience level is low amid another losing season with Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal has been very loyal to his squad ever since he was drafted in 2012, but the veteran can’t deny that his patience level is low.

Beal spoke after the Wizards finished another losing season, their fifth in a row.

If the Wizards want to contend for a title with Beal, they’re going to need to make some legitimate changes to give the 29-year-old more help. Wizards executive Tommy Sheppard may think that Beal is just entering his prime, but the organization is eventually going to run out of chances to win with its franchise star.

Beal averaged 23.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game this season while shooting 50.6 percent from the field and 36.5 percent from beyond the arc. Over his last seven NBA seasons, he has maintained averages of 25.5 points, 4.3 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game.

There’s no doubt that the former lottery pick is a special player, but in recent years, he hasn’t exactly gotten a chance to put his talents toward the ultimate goal of winning a title.

When Beal does get the chance to play meaningful games, he takes advantage. He’s appeared in 45 playoff games over the years and got a strong track record on that stage, averaging 23.5 points per game in his playoff career.

The Wizards are undoubtedly looking to get there again with Beal, but a lot of work stands between the Wizards and legitimate contention. It’s going to be a big offseason for the organization as it evaluates its roster and makes changes.

Kyle Kuzma and Kristaps Porzingis, two of Washington’s most important players, both have player options for next season, so the Wizards will need to figure out what the future holds for those two. But even if the team ends up retaining both Kuzma and Porzingis, it will likely need to make some other additions in order to take a notable step forward in the 2023-24 season.

Beal will be 30 by the time next season starts. One has to imagine that he’s beyond ready for things to turn around in Washington.


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