Report: Washington Wizards could make ‘major’ push for Kevin Durant

Jonathan Sherman
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While a number of teams have already been rumored to be heavily interested in Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant, one team that has not been discussed much as a possible destination is the Washington Wizards.

It’s worth noting that Durant is actually from the Washington, D.C. area.

According to a recent report, several NBA sources have now pegged the Wizards as potential contenders in the Durant sweepstakes.

“Several sources even have told Hoops Wire to keep an eye on the Wizards, who could make a major push,” Sam Amico reported. “Durant is a DC product, too. He may not be upset about playing at home alongside Bradley Beal.”

As the report indicates, the Wizards acquiring Durant would put him next to Beal. That would immediately become of the most dangerous offensive duos in the entire league.

What is not clear is whether the Nets would have any interest in an offer from the Wizards if it did not include Beal. The Nets have reportedly talked to several teams about possible trades.

The Nets reportedly asked the Minnesota Timberwolves for both Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns in exchange for Durant. That alone should give fans a decent idea of how high the Nets’ current asking price is.

Still, the fact of the matter is that Durant requested a trade from the Nets, and there’s likely growing pressure on the team to get a deal done. The longer the team waits to deal him, the harder it is going to be for Brooklyn’s front office to ask for a massive return.

Whether or not that added pressure will give a team like the Wizards some life in the sweepstakes remains to be seen.

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